Crafting Positive Outcomes

for Digital Agencies

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Digital industry city and regional insights reports 

Data Hive are publishers of digital insight reports looking at the state of UK agencies.


We use market intelligence surveys, deep-dive data analysis, interviews and key content to help understand how agencies can impact their business growth using their own website. 

If you want to grow your agency, it helps to know how and what others are doing well - to understand your opportunities and competition. 

... Positive outcomes?

Yes! Consider a 'positive outcome' as something successful
happening for your digital agency business. 

... Like discovering how to attract the right new customers for your agency.

... Like unlocking new ways to build trust and improve business relationships. 

... Like understanding where your agency is in its growth phase, and what you need to do
to take things to the next level.

Welcome to Data Hive!

If you want to find out information and insights about how to grow your digital agency - then you've come to the right place.  I'm sharing insights and info to help you and your agency business. And there's a whole range of useful stuff to help you out:


Free reports to help you understand insights about your industry and how
others are doing things right (and how to avoid doing things wrong).


 Events and live video sessions - to help you practically learn and apply growth skills.

  Emails which are carefully crafted to share key concepts and advice
on what actions to take and why (and how) to take it. Sign up today!

  Perspectives to read - which help to give you a unique view into agency life
and business, from people who are actively growing and doing what you need to do.


Plus, regular Articles and posts in our blog section. These are interviews and insights that cover a range of businesses, tools and advice. 

I also have a great network of industry experts and choice partners I've worked with before - which I'll introduce along the way in interviews.


If this all sounds like your kind of place, then - it's great to have you here!

If not, no worries - you're free to leave. But do so knowing you'll likely increase my page bounce rate and make me sad :-(


Unless you scroll right down the page before you exit ;-)

If you are ready to dig into what I've got to offer - then check out the links above and explore the pages in this website.


Don't forget to bookmark useful pages, or ask questions if you have any. 
Now - go find your agency some positive outcomes today!

By the way, my name is Robin, so feel free to check me out on the about page.

Upcoming Events

  • London Agency Report Launch
    Time is TBD
    London, London, UK
    Join us for the launch of the London State of the Agency report.
  • Leeds Agency Report Launch
    Time is TBD
    Leeds, Leeds, UK
    Find out more about the Leeds Agency Insights report hosted by ....
  • Sheffield Agency Report Launch
    Tue, 31 Mar
    Sheffield Technology Parks
    31 Mar 2020, 17:30 BST
    Sheffield Technology Parks, Cooper Buildings, Sheffield Science Park, Arundel St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2NS, UK
    Join us for the launch of Data Hive's Sheffield Agency Insights report hosted by Sheffield Technology Parks.
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Your Best 12 Weeks

Can I help grow your agency business with you?

2020 threw a curveball at Agency owners. So I've created a 12 week programme to help take agency owners (3-14 sized) through the key aspects of business growth in this group led course. 

We cover 5 core areas of running and building a digital agency:






You're great at what you do. Let me help you have do the groundwork to grow during the next few challenging years!

There's information and feedback from agencies who've done this course already - plus a handy 4 min video explaining the ins-and-outs of what the course offers and how we work together.