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About Data Hive

Meet the team:

Robin Williams

Co Founder

Robin comes to Data Hive with a vast knowledge of all things digital and a passion for data. Having worked in marketing agency environments to corporate international pharmaceutical companies, Robin's experience within digital marketing and data is very diverse.

"I saw the value of what data has to offer in any marketing campaign. Without data, our marketing efforts are meaningless."

With experience in conversion rate optimisation and digital analytics, Robin headed the Digital Analytics and Marketing Data team for Johnston Press before feeling the need to create the bespoke data partnership and digital optimisation consultancy - Data Hive.

"Our role at Data Hive is to complement and work alongside digital marketing teams to procure refined B2B data that's more cost-effective than using traditional PPC activity alone.

"We optimise and improve customer segmentation, online user journey, channel acquisition and the lead gen process. Our data will improve marketing ROI for business growth and development. We are here to help.


"Finance departments see marketing as a cost and not an investment, so marketing teams are constantly trying to justify their budgets in highly competitive industries. The beauty of good data is the fact that it is much more cost-effective and tangible. Once you have targeted, segmented and refined data - you have it for life. Those customers can be marketed to again and again. Better for the marketing teams and loved by finance departments for ROI!"

"From experience, finding the best data solutions means partnering with clients to understand their needs."

Holly Smith-Williams

Co Founder


Holly comes from a background in business, content marketing, digital marketing and design. Experienced in planning, managing, creating, and delivering multi-media content to help other digital businesses with their online marketing. 

"As a data partner, not only do we provide detail-rich, targeted B2B data, we also concentrate on data analysis.

"Our B2B marketing data represents a future audience that you will be able to reach out, communicate and solve their problems. Once we have identified and segmented the high quality data you will be able to have a positive impact on your direct marketing efforts - cutting costs and increasing leads. Whether you are looking for postal, telephone or email data lists, we can help with a bespoke service so you can hit the ground running.


"It's very easy to drown in so called 'big data'. We're able to find the right insight that helps drive business growth - which is what makes us such an efficient data partner."