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*Bespoke packages are available - just get in contact.


A half-day session designed to fully discover growth goals and identify target markets and approach for a bespoke strategy.

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Billed once


Our most popular package for getting more monthly leads, more face-to-face meetings and building brand awareness.

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Billed monthly 

Included in Premium Plan:

1. Market research for lead generation, data refinement and audience targeting.



2. Key Content creation to address your target market's pain points and engage through fact finding.



3. Pre-launch phase and market qualify hot leads.



4. Build lead nurture process with marketing automation funnel.



5. Launch Key Content Piece to network and the wider market for brand authority and credibility.



6. Establish ongoing lead generation process


*minimum three month commitment


Need to learn how to do it all yourself? Don't worry, the Data Hive course: Grow Your Business will show you exactly what you need to do.

One payment


In the course you will learn:

1. How to create a powerful strategy that will help you talk to new clients.

2. How to speak to your target market in a way that matters to them.

3. Build brand awareness without having to pay for any advertising.

4. How to set your business growth goals - and ACHIEVE them!

5. Be your own PR machine that creates a buzz around your business!

6. Get to the meeting stage without having to pitch!

7. Automate your lead generation for predictable long term growth!

Most Popular

Included in Scoping Session:

1. Half-day discovery workshop with decision-making team members.



2. Review current practices and gaps in technology.



3. Define expectations and align team members and roles for long term growth strategy.


4. Post workshop strategic report and recommendations for your business and brand.





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