You do great work with creative excellence and outstanding client relationships. Your reputation is getting you recommended to new clients, but it might be the right time to take control of your agency and think about implementing a sustainable growth plan.

Now it's time to build a strategy for successful and consistent future growth that can be targeted to the clients you want to attract and retain.


In consultation, we discover more about your agency and what a good prospect looks like for your growth.

We look at:

  • previous clients

  • agency specialities

  • growth capabilities

  • prospect profiling

  • key indicators


We take into account all of the factors discussed in our discovery session and develop a realistic and manageable plan to implement growth in your agency.

This may include:

  • data source and research

  • prospect intel

  • data translation report

  • approach preparation

  • management of marketing strategy

  • content creation

  • PR

  • custom workflow

  • email marketing

  • inbound and outbound marketing

  • CRM management

  • sales training and support


Once we have agreed on a plan we work with you to join up your marketing and sales activity to deliver new business to your agency.

Whether you are marketing to prospect data, or calling warm leads - results are key. We have regular reviews to make sure you are happy with our partnership and your agency growth.


We work with you to develop a new business development plan to suit your time, budget and skills.

You may need our highly researched prospect data that will give you the edge when it comes to calling. Or you may need a marketing and sales package - we will find a solution to bring you more new clients.

If you're not sure where to start, or need a second opinion - get in contact to see how we can help.




We know you're so busy being outstanding in your field: you haven't got the time to be searching the net for your next clients. It can be a big headache tracking down phone numbers, and trying to find the right person to email can be a lengthy business. 

Here at Data Hive, we believe that it's all about the knowledge. No one ever wants to make a cold call, so it makes sense to be able to make a call with the maximum amount of insight. 

With our laser-focused data and prospect intel (all of which is sourced and verified by us), you will be able to approach a business in an effective and intelligent way. They will be glad that you made that call and you know how to solve their problems. 

Of course, if calling is a frightening prospect for you, then we can arrange training and coaching for you and your team or we can offer a full-spec business development package.


When it comes to business growth, it makes sense to have a solid marketing plan in place to make the most of your outbound efforts and attract more clients.


Whilst we utilise analytical data to focus who you should be contacting - having a detailed-focused, yet creative marketing strategy is key to having a successful business development campaign.

  • marketing automation

  • social media

  • copywriting

  • email marketing

  • PR

  • content creation

  • inbound marketing

  • outbound marketing & sales


We train you how to sell - but as yourself.


You love your business and what you do - so it makes sense for you to be able to convey that passion to potential clients.

We teach you simple techniques that will give you confidence when picking up the phone.


Of course, you will never be making a cold call with our prospect intel and marketing services - but with a framework in place, you will be able to see how a natural approach to sales works to grow your agency.