How to Grow your Agency Email List

You might be starting a new email list, or looking at your small list to date. Growing an email list gives you options as an agency. It's a way to grow your reputation and relationship with your intended customers. Here's my tips to growing your email list. 

 An email list is an essential and powerful resource that will grow your business. Even if you are doing fine at the moment and all is well with your business - you owe it to your customers (and agency business) to give them more. To add value for you and them, you'll need a decent amount of subscribers to make the right impact. 

What do you need to grow and email list for your digital agency?

Before you send emails:

Engagement beats size of your email list!

Ask any email marketer and list owner and they'll tell you the same piece of advice. It's not about how big your list is - it's about how engaged they are. Starting and growing an engaged email list takes time. it also requires you to know who your ideal audience is BEFORE your start to grow and send emails to them. 

Do some research on other emails in your industry!

Don't expect your email list to be the only one in your target audience's eye-line. You'll be competing with many other emails in your space. It's good to do a little research into what's already out there. 

Google searches work well, but asking people in your ideal audience

Planning your goals

Know how GDPR and data protection will impact your activities for growing and sending emails. 

Starting from Scratch

Providers and platforms

Copy and content

Cadence and sending schedules

Getting to your first 20 email subscribers

Growing a small list 

Campaigns for growth

Offering value up front

Linking your sign up pages

More than one email sign up point

Taking your email list growth further


Building Automated email sequences