How To Overcome Objections By Getting Great Testimonials

When you are running an agency or consultancy - you will always have objections when it comes to selling your service.

The way we see objections at Data Hive, is a way of improving what we offer. If we think of every conceivable objection a client may have - we can offer a solution before the objection has arisen.

Let's take some standard objections - price. Most objections are based around price point. The best way to remedy the price issue is with making sure you are showing how much value is offered by your service:

  • What will the client gain by taking on your services?

  • Is there a measurable ROI?

  • What will be made possible with your services?

  • Will the client be able to see the value of your services in 6 months, or 12 months, or 3 years?

  • What will happen if they don't take on your services? Is there a cost for the potential client?

Another usual objection is about belief. "I don't think this will work for me," or "I don't believe you". Now, they may not be as direct as this - but these are always genuine reasons to think twice about taking on your services.

A very powerful way for agencies and consultancies to overcome objections is to get great testimonials. This may seem obvious, but some testimonials may not do enough to ease a prospective client's worries.

"Working with George was nice. He made our website look great and we really liked our headed paper."

Oh good. This is a super testimonial if your future customers will only spend money with nice people. But if they need to know how they can trust you, or if their investment in your services will bring in more revenue - you might have to dig a little deeper.

Getting good testimonials should be an activity that is implemented with every project. Receiving feedback from your customers (good or bad) is invaluable so you can grow as a business.

A good testimonial will elevate your business giving you extra credibility and enforcing your expertise. Your clients are your success - so when a potential customer reads a testimonial, they will see how others have trusted you and it will also strengthen your business reputation. Try asking these following questions to shape future testimonials. You might also want to set up a small survey to dig a little deeper. These are the questions: 1. What was your biggest fear or hesitation about using our service? 2. What was the best part about the service we provided? 3. What impact has this had on your business? The first question is designed to let them voice their fears and how you, as a business overcame them and offered the best solution. Question three highlights what sort of impact your work has had on them which will allow prospective clients see how your service may work for them and the impact of your service emotionally and financially - both major factors when it comes to buying. Of course, if there is any negative feedback - you will be able to act on it and solve it. So, it's time to get those excellent testimonials in and boost your business.

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