How To Build A Drip Workflow For Webinar Registrants

It's got to be said - I love Drip! I love the customisation you can add to your email automation with the liquid filters. And it's great to think you've got a whole communication sequence in the bank and working for you.

Having said that - some elements can be mind boggling! I recently organised a webinar and wanted to make a workflow for registrants leading up to the event. Drip makes it super easy to add delays between emails, but it doesn't let you add an actual time date. This means that if registrants entered the workflow at different times, they would reach the webinar at different times - which is no good when you want to set reminder emails 3 hours before the event and then 10 minutes before the event.

I'm sure many others are having the same issue, so I thought it might be useful to share my workflows with you. I'll go though step-by-step to help you set this up so you can sit back and relax - knowing your registrants will be getting all the right emails at the right time!


Apply the 'Webinar Registration" tag



Set a custom field for "webinar_now"



Set the custom field value for "webinar_start". This includes your time zone, what day your webinar is being held (can only be a week in advance) and the time of day that the webinar is being held. To find this out, you have to work out the seconds.

My webinar was being held at 11 am. To work this out, you have to multiply the number of hours past midnight by 60 minutes and multiply the minutes by 60 seconds.

(11 x 60) x 60 = 39600

{{now | in_time_zone: "London" | advance_date_to_next: "Thursday" | at_midnight | timestamp | plus: 39600}}



Set "webinar_days_to_go - this is the calculation (liquid math) that gives the number of days left before the webinar starts - don't change any numbers in this one.

{{subscriber.webinar_start | minus: subscriber.webinar_now | divided_by: 86400}}


Next, go to a decision that will help you decide what information the registrant needs depending how far away the webinar in.

WARNING: You will not be able to implement the decision stage until you have applied the "webinar_registration" tag. I applied it to myself, then all the custom fields were available to put the decision stage in place.

Right - these are the trickiest steps to set up in this workflow. You can download my workflow here ------> WEBINAR WORKFLOW

You will be able to install this in your own Drip account to save time and brain funk!

I have also applied the same logic for a "Non Purchaser Follow-Up" sequence. This is for the cart closing time to make sure your customers know how long they have left to purchase.

You can download my workflow here -----> CART CLOSING WORKFLOW

Good luck! If you need any help, just drop me an email at

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