How To Automate Your Lead Generation Whilst You're Away


Yes, you guessed it - I'm away on my jollies! I'm not really in New York though, I was there four weeks ago! I'm now with the kiddies and Robin having a jolly old time at Center Parcs (well, I hope it will be jolly, I'm not actually there yet - I'm writing this in the office!).

You see, that's how I roll - everything is under control so that I can get off on my travels and have a good time!

But actually I've been making sure everything is in place, so that whilst I'm away what needs to be done is automated and scheduled to go out on time. Because let's face it - running your own business is tough and you want to feel like you can take a break instead of working every hour God sends (it's a good job I like my job!).

So, to be away for the week, this is what I have done in advance to make sure those balls keep up in the air and the leads are still being generated.

  • Scheduled a Facebook Live event (See here---->)

  • Written this blog post (nearly)

  • Written a lead magnet checklist on How To Get More Enquiries To Your Website

  • Scheduled a Facebook advert with the lead magnet for a wider market

  • Scheduled another Facebook advert for joining our Facebook Group

  • Automated an email sequence for our students

  • Automated follow-up sequence for non-buyers of the course

  • Written a plan for the up-coming month

I use Drip to do all my email marketing. Here's an example of a workflow:


So, I feel like all these steps should keep the ball rolling whilst we are having fun with the kids. We'll always be answering phone calls too - but maybe not whilst we're in the pool!

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