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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

It's exciting times at Data Hive HQ. We're moving! It might be only three doors up the corridor - but it's twice the size of our little "boutique" office!

We've quickly outgrown our little office, so we're moving on up so we can start hiring-in some super talented staff and have our own little 'live' studio area.

Here's a tour of the new office >>>>

Keep an eye out for all the after shots when we've got in there and made some changes!

You will also be able to check out our new set when we will be Live on Facebook every Thursday morning at 10 am GMT. Join us for some business growth chat.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some office pics!

The old Data Hive HQ:

Here's a picture of our old office space.

The long walk to our new office...

A short walk down the hallway to our new office.

It's been thirsty work moving...

Feeling thirsty?

Robin demonstrates the huge potential of a bigger office...

It's so much wider than before!

Robin doesn't realise that his pen and paper have been stolen...

If you print it - I'll sign it!

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