Two Questions To Unlock Business Growth In Minutes

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Everyone wants their agency business to grow ... don’t they?

Well - you might want it, desire it, and be working hard towards it - but is your agency ready to grow?

In this article, we will unlock your potential for growth using two key questions, which I'll expand on below.

Ready to grow …?

Super - let’s do this!

Asking the right questions BEFORE you try to grow:

“Erm ... thats a good question, I haven't thought about this for a a while!”

This tends to be the reply I get from clients when I ask them the first question in my scoping sessions.

There’s usually a long pause and a look of confusion from them first.

My first question is always ‘Why do you want to grow?’.

Every agency business can (and should) talk about their future growth plans and where they want to end up. It's good to get crystal clear on what this looks like and why you are aiming to end up there.

Many do, but I feel it's like they are paying lip service to the topic (they say things, but they don't really have a clue about the details).

Some agency owners talk about how they're creating a growth strategy.

Some discuss how they'll have to cope for high growth numbers.

Some focus on ambitious future growth targets, though on deeper inspection these aree often 'finger in the air' goals.

Or worse, they hear the goals of others and try to aim for the same thing (but without the same content or understanding of what those goals unlock).

Many agency owners often don't have an absolute answer to the first key question I ask them. There's just an ambition that they need to grow.

You can see why it's an important question.

Have you ever noticed that the most important questions often start with 'WHY'!

Asking ‘why’ you want to do something will help get to the heart of your motivation.

Motivation is the driving force behind everything you do in life. Whether you know it or not.