Content Marketing Key Dates - 2018

As Christmas time approaches and the end of the year draws in, time to plan for next year becomes scarce and non-existent for many agencies and businesses.

I thought I’d create little something to help ease the content marketing burden going into the new year. I’ve seen through our research this year - that many agencies and creatives are not posting content regularly for their audience. Many stating that time (and what topic to write about) is the key blocker to doing this.

Fear not my friends!

I have trawled the key dates for UK, US and world days and complied them helpfully into an easy to use google sheet - to save you even more of that precious time!

You can access the free google sheet here:

Below is a short video explainer of what the sheet contains and how to get the best use out of it.


You can access the free google sheet here!


Now, you can easily plan ahead for months (or even the whole year) and schedule your content well in advance of any key dates that suit your audience / industry.

Making you look awesome and full of industry authority!

I know I’ll be using this exact sheet for my own content strategy, as we try to practice what we preach here at data-hive. :-)

Anyway, click the link and grab yourself a copy into your own google drive - and off you go!

2018’s content planning just got a whole lot quicker.

Now back to those mince pies and Xmas tunes whilst you finish off your 2017 client work!

Merry Christmas,


P.S. Please feel free to share far and wide with anyone else you think might find it useful too! :-)

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