[Agency Adventures] Creating a new side business through your agency.

When you're building an agency - sometimes it's a good idea to start a side business to demonstrate to clients that you know what you're doing.

Taking the core skills of the agency, you can build and share behind-the-scenes development openly with your new and existing clients. Not only does this help prove you know what you're doing as a case study, but shows how you're able to deliver in the real world just like your clients need you to.

It gives you a different angle of conversation to have with clients, one that's not only based on selling - but more on their level of business experience.

But, what if this side business takes off and becomes a standalone business in it's own right?

If you're good at what you do - success might take you by surprise!

Creating new businesses through your agency work can be a great way to grow and support the agency (giving you more strings to your bow and other financial channels for investment).

In this interview, I talk with Ian Lockwood. He's the Director (and co-founder) of www.boom-online.co.uk - a Nottingham based Digital Agency which has found itself in the enviable position of having created a very successful side business.

In this interview we talk through the journey from conception, development and scaling of their successful side business Coffee Tasting Club.

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There are some great insights in the interview where Ian shares his thoughts on:

  • The time needed for 'proper' market research

  • How to find the agency balance around billable hours and current client work

  • What development challenges they faced along their journey

  • What they would do differently next time round to increase success of a side project

  • Plus loads more advice and tips...

Like your coffee?

Coffee Tasting Club have kindly set up a no obligation £1 trial offer - so you can see what the site and business looks like as a customer.

Use this link here >>

Even if you are not a coffee lover, I'd recommend checking out the end-to-end customer journey - so you can experience all the stages of customer journey they developed. Great learning for £1 :-)

Plus - if you're agency staff or clients are coffee lovers, you can easily take care of their caffeine needs with amazing coffee!

Useful links:

Connect with Ian on LinkedIn here




Finally, If you find yourself out and about in Nottingham at any time, I'd recommend attending the bi-monthly Boom Drink:Digital events too.

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