[Agency Adventures] How to successfully add new services for agency growth.

This week’s interview guest is the very amiable, and insightful, Mark Kelly.

In a week where many businesses up and down the UK were snowbound, I caught up with Mark - one cosy evening over a tea, to talk about another key aspect of agency growth - adding new services.

If anyone knows a thing or two about this topic - it has to be Mark!

Having already covered this topic in-depth as a keynote speaker and article writer, you only need to take a good look at his background to see he’s a man of substance in this field.

With nearly two decades of digital growth, marketing and business organisational experience - a quick look at the well known and international roster of brands he’s worked with (directly and indirectly) shows Mark knows his stuff.

He’s also known for being part of the contributing specialists over at Smart Insights, where he regularly creates detailed guides and in-depth articles for agencies, as well as online marketing teams.

Having worked across agency side, client side and consultancy - there’s a huge range of skills that Mark brings to agency growth.

In this interview he’s focused down into sharing his insight and experience for how agencies can ‘successfully’ add new services to their business.

For me, the key takeaway is in the clue by the term ‘successfully’!

It’s easy to assume as an agency that you can add services at any time. New services often get looked at as a ‘bolt-on’ to existing client work. For example, a typical example might be they already have SEO from you, so taking on their PPC seems logical and easy to do.

Others make the choice to add new services out of panic about where new work will come from. They think that broadening their service will increase the chance to win new customers.

However, many agencies miss the fundamental steps that Mark outlines in this interview. We explore this topic together and Mark helps us understand what needs to be in place before you consider adding new services. How to approach this as a strategy and other useful insight into how to increase your chances for success with new services.

I think you’ll find the information he shares in this interview really practical and actionable!

The most pertinent word I’d took away from his advice is that of ‘unpacking’ the service offering in its entirety (understanding the full implications and demands) BEFORE adding it to your list of agency services!

The interview is around 1 hour and 15 mins. Though it doesn’t feel long as we had loads we could talk about (there’s so much practical advice he was giving), so I tried to capture Mark’s knowledge of adding services - in as much depth as I could get Mark to cover - for your agency benefit.

I hope you enjoy the interview!

Feel free to check out the links to resources and Mark’s consultancy below.

Useful Links and Resources:

  • You can find a great in-depth article about adding new services by visiting Mark’s website here.

  • Mark’s main website can be found here. Don’t forget to check out his growth framework that’s mentioned in the interview!

  • Here's a great collection of articles he’s written for Smart Insights.

  • Plus, check out a selection of guides he’s produced exclusively for Smart Insights.

Please note: If you are already a Smart Insights member, you’ll be able to access them all - but if not, I’d suggest downloading the free access report to start with:

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