Putting in an operating system for your business - interview with Jason Green

Imagine. Your business is going full steam (and it’s profitable) and you’re only having to work in your business one day a week. Seems fantastical doesn’t it?

But Jason Green was in this situation.

And he arrived there by a combination of hard work, and putting in the right operating system for his business. Within a couple of years he was down to working one day per week in his business.

Not because he had to work. Because he wanted to!

In fact, the operating system he put in was EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). Best known for its book Traction (by Gino Wickman - see resource links below)

To say Jason was impressed by the impact EOS had in his business … is an understatement!

Having put 3 years into building the operating system to return on his business investment. He’s since realised his calling is to help others reach the impact he gained, So he (profitably) exited his business, and put his full time focus into becoming an EOS implementor.

Not because he has to. Because he wants to!

“This way, I can help others understand the powerful impact of EOS on their business growth”.

In this interview, I spoke to Jason about the drivers behind getting his business profitable without it needing him to work full time.

How he considered his business as a later life investment, and on him feeling that he’s found his true calling in helping other businesses grow and thrive.

Learn more about Jason's journey! (Links, info and resources below).

Interview notes:

  • 0.00 - 0:45 Intro to Jason and how we know each other.

  • 0:45 - 2:19 Jason’s self implementing of EOS/Traction and its impact for him.

  • 2:20 - 3:50 How Jason teaches other businesses to answer its own questions.

  • 3:51 - 6:55 How a ZX81 started Jason on his career journey, and into his own business.

  • 6:56 - 8:45 About starting a business doing something you’re good at (and how it relates to agencies)

  • 8:46 - 10:00 How to get ‘out of the weeds’ of running your business.

  • 10:01 - 12:35 How Jason got his time down to one day per week - while his business thrived.

  • 12:36 - 14:36 It’s not all on your shoulders if you’re doing the right things in your business.

  • 14:37 - 16:39 Finding your passion in your work and what it opens up.

  • 16:40 - 19:21 Use your business as vehicle to build your pension pot, but you need it to grow first.

  • 19:22 - 21:39 An operating system will run the business without you, making selling or exiting easier.

  • 21:40 - 23:45 Jason shares his timeline for self implementation and other options.

  • 23:46 - 26:01 Why starting self implementing EOS at the start of your business makes scaling easier.

  • 26:02 - 28:22 What to do if you’re struggling as an agency right now.

  • 28:23 - 30:20 Giving first, the mentality of EOS and Jason’s plans for helping others.

  • 30:23 - 31:17 Wrap up, resources and next steps for viewers to take things forward.

Useful links and resources:


Recent conversations with Agency owners actually showed that they felt that the ‘Get A Grip’ EOS book was an easy way to understand how EOS works within an agency setting - you can grab a free sample of this book (or free samples of all the books) on the www.tractionhive.com page we set up to help agencies learn more about EOS. Just scroll down to the book section.

Want a free book?

As Jason mentioned. He’s got some copies of the books he’s happy to send out for free to anyone interested. Just get in touch with Jason directly here. FYI there might be limited numbers if 100’s suddenly want them, so be quick. :-)

My Perspective and considerations for agency development:

In the interview above, I thought the most poignant point for me was Jason's view of building your business to become an asset that funds your future plans or retirement.

As agency owners, we often put many, many, years into our businesses. Not all this time is swimming in profitable cashflow, and it can be hard work at most times. But it's still a topic I've not really heard many people talk about before.

As I'm in my mid-40's (46) the thought of retirement is not that far off. So considering how you plan to work and (more importantly) how you plan to support your long term plans is key to putting in the work now - and benefit from the investment later.

This does require an operating system to be put in place.

But as many agency owners are accidental business owners (meaning ...they love what they do, it turns into a business - but they had no training for this specifically) there's a point in their growth that stalls can happen.

This can lead your business to become a lifestyle business, not a growing business that can run without you being there.

I think it's an important consideration, given how long it takes to put any growth programme into effect. I'll look to delve more into this topic and link back here in the future.

So what's the next steps in your agency?

Have you actually considered your 10 year plan and goals?

Are you crystal clear about your businesses future?

If not, check out the books and resources, do some digging into EOS and other growth programmes for your agency. Every business needs an operating system to run on.

Like Jason talked about in the interview - you don't have to be big to put one in place before you scale. In fact, this could be easier and quicker to take effect - as it becomes imprinted into your everyday business as people join, and the business grows.

P.S. Want to see Traction in Action?

If you enjoyed this topic and content - we're running some live sessions with Jason and other EOS implementors. These are called 'Traction-in-Action' sessions.

Packed full of value, even if you've never heard of EOS before.

Stay updated - we've got a special email list for any interested agency owners to add their email to - so they get updates on these specific sessions! They are free to attend :-)

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