Talking Traction and EOS with Andrew Stevens - for your digital agency growth.

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

You might have heard about Traction before.

Maybe you recognise the name from the title of the hugely popular book by Gino Wickman.

Maybe someone gave you the book, or you heard them rave about it’s impact on their business!

You also might have heard about in conversations with agencies who are enjoying amazing results, their senior teams seemingly coordinating with efficient ‘Kick Ass’ abilities to getting things done.

Yes, it’s a book - but Traction is actually part of a more little known framework called EOS. EOS stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System.

That’s a framework for getting positive business results, through proven methods, tools and techniques.

It’s not just a digital agency ‘thang’ either.

EOS has been implemented worldwide, across many business sizes, across many business sectors. What it does for all of them is give them the tools and knowledge for growth.

Now, I LOVE a good system and framework model for business growth! Especially one that works holistically across all areas of a business (and team).

I’ve worked in a range of business sectors (some big international businesses) where frameworks like ‘Six Sigma’, and tonnes of other inspiring names have been rolled out throughout the business. Most have a large hit or miss ratio. Some were done well, others … erm … not so well.

But I’ve seen the impact of EOS tools in action before at some of these businesses, and I’ve heard great things from many trusted friends who’ve seen it put in place (correctly) in the businesses they worked for.

From a digital agency owner perspective - I wanted to find out more about what’s involved, and what options there are for putting EOS into place for UK agencies who are looking for growth at this challenging time.

Introducing Andrew Stevens.

Andrew is a professional EOS implementer.

He’s part of the UK’s network of recognised implementers, and one who’s very handily got first hand experience of what it’s like working in an agency before EOS was in place.

You can tell it must be a good system, as though he spent a large proportion of his career in senior digital roles, these past few years he's then gone on to be certified in putting EOS in place for other businesses.

As part of a four-strong group of implementers I know well, Andrew’s (and they) recently partnered with me on bringing out our recent ‘State of Agency London Report’ (see link below).

Almost everyone I get to speak with - about their experiences of Traction - starts by mentioning the book! :-)

It’s great to see that’s how Andrew got started too - through hearing about the book. That was waaaay back when he was working in digital teams, when he hadn’t even heard of EOS. Now, he's spent the past few years as a professional implementer.

I grabbed some time with Andrew to ask questions that help get more understanding out for agency owners, about EOS and what makes it such as good fit for many agencies I know.

In this video interview, Andrew shares his own path into using, then implementing EOS. And he shares advice on why, when, and how - an agency can bring their team into the EOS methods for getting Traction.

If you’re currently experiencing any (or all) of the following scenarios ....

  • People Issues (not sure how to get the best out of your team)

  • Lack of Control (get the feeling your business owns you instead of the other way round)

  • Not Enough Pr