The skills to (help you) pay the bills

I'm really excited and pleased to share this recent interview with Pawel Zmyslowski with you (and a 'beastie boys' song reference in the title too)!

Pawel is CEO and Team Leader at White Label Coders. Based in Poland, his team are the 'best kept - secret sauce' used by agencies you probably already know - but you didn't know they were using his team to deliver their development projects with.

You see, White Label Coders offer a highly professional - cost effective - range of development and support (...seriously cost effective services, when compared with UK options),

The reason for my excitement is that the subject of white labelling (and outsourcing) digital services has a definite ‘marmite’ response to many agency owners I speak with.

Just like marmite - (that tar-like-yeast spread product) - some love it ... others ... not so much.

When it comes to white label support though, that too - seems split 50/50 down the middle.

Some agencies LOVE IT! Other's ... not so much. But that's usually because they've never considered it as a proper option before.

Me? ... I LOVE the taste of marmite. ;-)

Also, I happen to be a HUGE supporter of working with outsourced, and white label, services. For scale, speed and professionalism, there is a great fit for many agencies.

Especially when it comes to adding more skills to your service capability.

Capability and skills being key challenges that are relevant to every agency out there.

And, whilst I might not be successful in changing your mind on the marmite choice. (that's down to a matter of taste) - I DO want to help you consider the use of white label and outsourced providers to add skills to your agency.

It's my experience that being able to bring other skills into your agency services as (and when) you need to - are key to the long term success of any agency!

So check out the interview (below) where Pawel kindly shares his journey and plans behind his move from coding himself, into building and running a larger development business built to support agencies in the UK and internationally.

You need skills? They've got skills!

Their name kind of says it all.

Show notes and useful links and considerations are below.

Enjoy :-)


0:00 - 1:27 - Intro to Pawel and White Label Coders

1:28 - 5:35 - Paweł's journey from Coder to CEO.

5:36 - 7:19 - Pivoting to support agencies through white label services.

7:20 - 10: 35 - The challenge of building Dev team roles within an agency.

10:36 - 12:16 - There are teams behind the World Class Athletes.

12:17 - 14:25 - How small agencies can plug into bigger outsourced teams.

14:26 - 18:35 - Why you need quality checkers, not just coders - in your Dev team.

18:36 - 20:17 - Behind each web developer role are 4 more roles - don't overlook this!

20:18 - 27:38 - Upcoming trends and tech that Pawel’s team is excited about.