Tom Kingham (Nimbus Hosting) talks hosting as a business benefit for clients and agencies.

Updated: May 6, 2020

For many agencies, hosting is something that's offered to clients as part of their overall web project costs. Sometimes even the agency will take the hit on the seemingly low cost - just to please the client. Many feel it can be a simple way to remove the extra's that clients feel get added to work they need - and show good faith. But hosting can be so much more! Set up correctly - it's a strong residual income for your business. Offering much needed revenue into the business (even in times of crisis). Yes - your clients might want to pause SEO and PPC when times are tough, but NONE OF THEM want to turn off their websites by stopping hosting payments! Here to talk through how to approach hosting the right way - for better business growth - is Tom Kingham (of Nimbus Hosting fame). Below the video are some superb links to support the knowledge Tom shares here. There's also a 4-for-1 hosting offer from Nimbus to help out on crisis hit agencies (or agencies who want to take advantage of using hosting to build up more income) so be sure to check these out once you've watched the video.

Discussion points: 0:35 – Data-Hive and Nimbus’ partnership 

1:07 – Introduction to Nimbus 

2:54 – How agencies are working in this current climate 

4:03 – Security in STORM (controlling and managing permissions)

6:04 – Hosting as a business tool (reselling)

8:06 – Creating your own hosting packages 

12:37 – Agency support and resources

14:24 – Hosting as a stable income / revenue stream 

16:46 – Helping agencies that are less technically inclined 

18:47 – How to approach clients about charging for hosting

20:42 – Scaling your hosting up and down (upgrades and downgrades) 

23:20 – Hosting as a conversation tool with your clients 

26:51 – Hosting as a business fundamental 

29:03 – 4 for 1 hosting offer

32:15 – Agency billing in STORM 

32:42 – Clients taking development internally but maintaining them as a hosted client 

33:31 – Recommending clients to take hosting directly 

36:50 – Summary of what we covered

Supporting Links:

  • Check out Nimbus' Resource hub here

  • Want to know if your current hosting set up can be better? Get a free hosting assessment

  • Read their free Agency guide -find out the right way to talk hosting with your clients.

  • Migration kit - save time and make more from your hosting.

  • To help crisis hit agencies and freelancers take advantage of their limited 4 for 1 offer (4 months from the price of one!)

You can also connect directly with Tom via his email, or on his Linkedin :-)

TOP TIP: Hosting makes up part of any agencies 'GOLD STANDARD' support services. Turning one-off projects into monthly retainer work through offering support services are the backbone to strong agency growth. These services offer predictable forecasting of income. I covered this point in an interview on the 3 phases of crisis management.

P.S. If you offer hosting - do these steps today!

As I was talking with Tom on this interview - I was struck by an immediate idea for how I'd approach hosting for my own business (if I was offering hosting for my clients). To help you take swift action. Here's the simple steps I'd take to market this out as a strong conversation point for new and existing clients.

  1. List my clients who currently host through me, understand the costs etc.

  2. List clients who could host through me, understand the likely needs for hosting.

  3. Take the assessment on the nimbus website to understand the best fit for me and these clients. Work out the most cost efficient model short and longer term.

  4. I'd take the 4-for-1 offer, migrating everyone of my clients that this offer could benefit..

  5. For any new clients, I'd offer them a part discount through the 4-for-1 offer - dressed up as my agency acknowledging they could save some money short term for their hosting (pass on the savings)! This can help win over new clients to move to my hosting.

  6. Make another list of business websites and projects I can target with this offer - and approach them directly for new business.

Getting 10-20 clients on hosting as a small freelancer or agency could be an extra few hundred per month residual income. For larger client lists of 25+ and bigger agencies this could be a lot more money every month. At this time everything can help for cashflow and getting through the current crisis!

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