Startup marketing for your digital agency

There are many unique reasons people want to start their own digital agency. 

This page is aimed at those in the very beginning of their digital agency journey. 

I recently asked a bunch of agency owners for their driving reasons. What they shared clearly showed that there are hundreds of reasons.


From ....

  • being made redundant in a previous agency role

  • moving from freelance to bigger projects and a team

  • being gifted an agency from a friend who'd had enough of running it

  • being inspired to follow their heart's calling due to family tragedy or personal health scare

Whatever your reason is - welcome to being a start up business! 


Now, start up mentality is confusing.


Many people think you need a big chunk of cash behind you from an investor to begin growing a team.  Others recommend you grow slowly and steadily. 

You'll need to consider the following for your own unique growth:

  1. Growth doesn't happen like you think it does. You're a seed of a business. Before you grow upwards, you'll need to establish strong roots (downwards). And locate the right nutrients to keep these roots strong, so you can grow. 

  2. This means you need to be able to manage cashflow. 

  3. Cashflow will be dictated by your ability to define and locate your ideal customers. 

  4. Working out what sales approach you need to use in your marketing (yes - there's more than one!) will make your communications stronger for your client wins. 

  5. None of this comes quickly, or easily. So be prepared to work steadily to grow your roots first, then look to grow upwards. 

  6. You don't need an office to build a business(if 2020 has already confirmed this). 

  7. You can use lots of free and low cost tools, so don't spend where you don't have to.

  8. Ask questions of the people who are where you want to be

  9. Network where your peers are, and separately - where your ideal clients go to find out information about their issues. Learning the language of both networks will help you establish your own voice, in a crowded space - whilst also talking in your ideal customer's language. 

  10. Make sure you've got plans in case something happens that can cause disruption to your business growth

You are at the start of your journey!

  • You are not the first, and you won't be the last. 

  • Make it enjoyable wherever you can :-)

  • Own your reason for starting your digital agency with pride.

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