A simpler - quicker - and more insightful way to plan new customer targets. 


Why you need this in your business life ...

Okay! So you want a bunch of new customers for your AGENCY or FREELANCE business. Well, this tool quickly helps you see just how many people you'll need to target to find them. 

In only a matter of minutes - you learn exactly how many people you REALLY need to target to meet your new customer goals!

This tool is designed for use by anyone using a 'Consultative Sales Process' (i.e. booking qualifying calls, discovery calls and then creating proposals of work).

Primarily it suits digital Freelancers and Agencies who offer services to their customers. 

Developed and championed with UK Agencies ...

I created this for my own agency growth, and I currently use this tool as part of the 1-2-1 and group coaching I run with agency owners in the UK. To roadmap their growth goals.

Meaning, you can rest assured it's been tried and tested with real life scenarios and applications!

But unlike other tools and planning sheets, this calculator tool will ALSO SHOW YOU how much time you'll need to factor into your sales process for qualifying, discovery calls, proposals and pitches.

Plus, it will visually breakdown your current 'active' audience whilst guiding you on where to focus your efforts for the best outcomes in your growth plans!

There's two ways to use this tool for maximum return on it's low price ...

1: Use the tool for your own customer targeting plans. 

2: Use this tool for your client's customer targeting plans. 


There's two sections to the Calculator tool: 


Section 1: Target Audience Calculator

- Step-by-step instructions make the whole process easy

- See results on what you need to target in only a matter of minutes

- Quickly work out various price points and timelines that suit your business (or your clients)

- Work out the drop off rates along each step of your consultative sales process

- See just how big an audience you need to reach, and how much team time, and costs it will take to process these new customers through your activity

- Understand how much time you need to factor into the process and how to manage the cost of your team to manage this


Section 2: Audience Focus

- Use the second part of this tool to work out which of your audience channels are best to bring you your new customers

- This tool will show you where to focus your efforts, on getting the best engagement for your lead generation goals

- Identify where YOU NEED to build more audience engagement for future growth!


Save precious time - each time you use it!

This tool is designed to save agencies around 15+ hours per year in billable time!
More - if you also use it with your client's audience focus.

EXAMPLE: Each quarter you run a planning sessions for lead generation. This tool will save you approx 1-2 hours per team member using it. More time than this if you regularly plan for leads and growth on a monthly basis!

You can take your client's through using this tool - and show them where they might need to put more budget into your services to help them reach their target audience goals too!


Video training on how to work with the tool:

I've covered both sections of the tool in the videos provided. Which also shows how an agency can use this for calculating the audience for their lead generation on multiple services, and when making strategic plans for new products and services to grow the business. 


Could this help save you time, and help give insights into your new customer planning?

By the time you read this part - you'd already be most way through the first part of your audience calculations - YOU GET RESULTS FAST! :-)