Thank you :-)

thank you page 1.png

If you're seeing this page, then I wanted to say a big thank you, for taking the last action I asked you to take! 


That's me with the thumbs up - in the picture - taken whilst I write this page text. 

This page is SPECIAL! 

Many people will never see this page - as they are not action takers like you are. 

You see, across my content and marketing I like to interact with my audience. Whether it's responding to a survey or question, or clicking a link in my emails to show you are still interested in getting message from my.  

Rather than a bland form message that's just a bit 'meh' - I wanted to create and share something more special ...

... And this page is just for you.

You lovely action taker, you!

Now I have you here - let me help point you in a few choice directions that might help you with whatever you've got going on in your agency or business. 

  • You can check out my latest post or interviews on the blog page here.

  • You can sign up for my email list (if you haven't already) here and join hundreds of other agencies who get weekly emails about agency related topics, offers and advice on growth.

  • You can check out my eBook - called Agency Perspectives which is for sale here - and use the special discount code 'thankyoupage' for 50% off the price of either version. 

  • I also teach a 12 week course for agencies (3-14 sized) who want to do the ground work on growth - as



You see - taking action often leads to unexpected and wonderful things. 

Enjoy your day!